Pricing and Options

Subscription Option

Users can subscribe to the MIRG database annually and be able to run reports as needed to draw on the data that you need. Subscription rates vary based on various factors like population, or size of firm. Contact GSG Municipal Group for a subscription price.

One-Off Reports

One-off reports can be run for a fee as well. The fees for these reports vary as well.

Custom Reports

You can even contract with us to create a custom report using custom data that is not currently available on the MIRG database. GSG Municipal Group can do primary research on any data point that your municipality is seeking to understand or compare to other communities.

MIRG, The source of data for decision makers

MIRG is an online database that has financial data from municipalities across the United States. This is the only database of its kind. It allows a user to compare financial data from one municipality to another. This can be used for budgeting, legislation, borrowing, cost comparisons and much more.

Who Benefits from MIRG?

City Governments, Economic Developers, and Consultants will benefit from this powerful tool for analysis. MIRG allows you to compare municipalities of similar population, and budget size with a target community. Imagine what having this data would do to the decision-making process for government, economic development, investing, site selection and more.

MIRG gives you tools to get things done.

Change the way municipal governments share and understand data Help citizens understand how and why their governments spend money

Data Points available in MIRG

• Total Payroll
• Total Fringe Benefits
• Total Elected Official Compensation
• Total Public Safety Expenditures
• Total Law Enforcement Compensation
• Total Parks and Rec Expenditures
• Total Reserve Fund
• Total Long-Term Debt
• Total Capital Improvement Expenditures
• Franchise Fee Revenue
• Lodging Tax Revenue
• Local Sales Tax Rates

Future Data Points

• Average household utility rates
• Industrial jobs per capita
• And more to come…

Options for Reporting

• Compare per capita or directly.
• Make a case for your budget proposals.
• Justify how your community is spending or saving or taxing
• User friendly
• Customer support available